Nellie Gail Ranch Community News

Security Assessment

The Association recently engaged the services of a security consultant, who conducted an assessment of the Nellie Gail Ranch community.  Their findings are summarized briefly as follows:

  • Currently, there is minimal lighting throughout the community, in the parks and at trail entrances.
  • Although gating generally can act as a deterrent, the existence of multiple access points, including many trail access points, would offset the security provided by the gates.
  • Camera systems can also act as a deterrent, however, camera placement inside of the community would be difficult logistically and troublesome to maintain, due to the size of the community.


  • Improve lighting at entrance points of the community, park areas and trail entrances.
  • Consider adding a patrol service to provide roving patrols during specified hours of the day and evening.

Given the layout of the community and the prohibition imposed by state civil codes, gating the community is not an option.

Click here to view the full Security Assessment

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